Jubal band ministries started as an ART-CHRISTIANITY ministry by a small group in Cyprus called Prepare & Produce in order to broadcast music videos and worship song albums. The ministry developed among the community of persecuted Iranian believers in Turkey by producing a monthly magazine (SMYRNA MAGAZINE). The magazine was formed and shaped by the help of its members who have a heart for others and who were looking for ways to help believers and unbelievers.

We celebrated five years of the magazine on 15th April 2021 and it has now moved to its current location. Through this magazine, we also guide and equip underground churches in Iran and encourage and challenge them to go deeper in living out a Christian lifestyle. We look forward to being able to continue to grow and reach out to more people by searching for those hearts who are thirsty to hear the good news. We invite you to be a part of our ministry in this great mission to expand our influence across IRAN & THE MIDDLE EAST.

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Omid Sabouki

Bio & Interview
Pastor Omid Sabouki serves as the President and CEO of Jubal Band Ministries, helping reach Iranian Muslims with the message that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He loves us.
Pastor Omid shared his testimony of coming to Christ, including a dream, a taxi driver and a Bible.
He will tell us about the persecution of Christians by Iran’s government, including arrest, imprisonment, and even assault at the hands of interrogators. He’ll talk about the importance of getting more Bibles to the church in Iran—a challenge VOM is helping to meet through various Bible delivery methods. He’ll explain how he and other Christian leaders are training church leaders—both inside and outside Iran—to serve the rapidly-growing number of Iranian Christians.
Omid will share the pain he feels when one of his workers inside Iran is arrested, and how he prepares workers to face persecution without losing their zeal for Christ.
Finally, He will equip listeners to pray for Iran and the ongoing gospel work inside the Islamic Republic.
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