God seized Omid Sabouki’s heart by giving him a dream one night, a strange taxi ride the next morning, and a Bible handed to him by the driver. Omid was radically saved through that encounter with God in Iran, and has been passionate ever since about showing the love of Jesus to Persians and getting Bibles into their hands—just as the Father had done for him.

After fleeing Iran as a persecuted Christian in 2007, Omid founded Jubal Band Ministries (JBM) to pursue his passion through bold, creative outreach. God is blessing these efforts with rapidly increasing numbers of Persians saved and Home Churches planted. 

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Omid Sabouki

Omid Sabouki grew up in a nonreligious Muslim family in Iran. Even as a young boy, Omid was very curious about world religions — but as a skeptic. God took him on quite the journey to find the truth, using divine appointments and miraculous coincidences.

He even gave Omid a dream one night that he watched come true in real life the very next morning! In that dream, Omid had seen himself taking a taxi ride with the driver handing him a box wrapped in cloth. When Omid’s car wouldn’t start just hours later, he took that taxi ride, was handed that cloth-wrapped box by the driver, and was shocked to find a Bible inside!

Omid met Jesus that day! and ever since then, his life has been committed to helping other Persian Farsi speakers find Jesus as well.

He is particularly tender toward persecuted Persian Christian as they themselves had to flee the country 15 years ago for their faith. Because of his heart for Persian Farsi speakers, he founded Jubal Band Ministries (JBM) and planted Smyrna church.

We know that we are all called to be fishers of men; Jubal Band Ministries considers that a mandate. Omid, plus the members of Smyrna church, are passionate about reaching and serving Persian Farsi speakers, believers and unbelievers alike. Our desire is to help our believers grow deeper in their faith and love for others through teaching and discipleship, while also casting the vision for them to increasingly prioritize putting out more nets, to pull in more Persian Farsi-speaking fish.