Greetings to Smyrna Group. Congratulations on the anniversary of the magazine. The thing most amazed me was the page of Heavenly historians. Honestly, I have not paid enough attention so far to this path of the Disciples and the martyrs one by one. The motivation of the way of Christ and understanding its value became more meaningful to me. I need you to pray for me to find the necessary courage and strength in God to declare the joy of Christ with joy and not to hide the light of life because of fear.

I thank God that I have been following Smyrna every month. I confess that I have learned how to bring Jesus ways in my life and how to be light and salt in communication with my family. Before, when I was talking about Jesus, I just focused to proof my God, now by reading the magazine, I learned that Christ must be present in every single part of my life. Each page has the same message for me.